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Armani stands head and shoulders above the many other tailors, offering the highest quality men’s and women’s fashions at unbelievable prices. With a reputation built on years of experience you can rely on Armani to deliver the finest mens and womens suits in a variety of fabrics. There is an almost unlimited selection of designs, from classic styles to the latest fashions from Europe’s leading fashion houses. We aim to provide complete customer satisfaction, so you can be sure of a friendly and professional service from the moment you walk through the door. Armani is a leading Tailor and now has many branch's in Asia.


Understanding Customer Preferences: The tailor must have excellent communication skills to understand the specific requirements and preferences of each customer. This involves listening attentively to their style preferences, fabric choices, fit preferences, and any unique requests they may have.

Expert Measurement Taking: Accurate measurements are the foundation of a well-fitted suit. The tailor must have expertise in taking precise measurements to ensure the final garment fits the customer perfectly. This includes understanding body proportions and making adjustments for individual body types.

Fabric Selection and Quality Control: Choosing high-quality fabrics is crucial for creating a suit that not only looks great but also lasts long. The tailor should have a good understanding of different fabric types, weaves, and finishes, and be able to advise customers on the best options based on their needs and preferences. Additionally, they should inspect fabrics for any flaws or defects before starting the tailoring process.

Pattern Making and Cutting: Once measurements are taken and fabric is selected, the tailor must create a custom pattern for each individual customer. This involves transferring measurements onto paper or fabric and cutting the fabric accurately to ensure the pieces fit together seamlessly.

Tailoring and Construction: This is where the tailor's skill and craftsmanship come into play. They must be proficient in various tailoring techniques such as sewing, stitching, and pressing to assemble the suit pieces into a cohesive garment. Attention to detail is paramount at this stage to ensure the suit fits well and looks polished.

Fittings and Alterations: After the initial construction, fittings are necessary to assess the fit and make any necessary adjustments. The tailor should be able to identify areas that need alteration and make precise changes to achieve the desired fit.

Customer Service and Satisfaction: Throughout the entire process, providing exceptional customer service is essential. The tailor should be responsive to customer inquiries, provide updates on the progress of the suit, and be willing to accommodate any special requests or alterations to ensure the customer is fully satisfied with the final product.

By fulfilling these responsibilities with care and expertise, custom tailors can create bespoke suits that not only fit impeccably but also reflect the unique style and personality of each customer.


Consultation and Design: The process typically begins with a thorough consultation between the tailor and the client. During this stage, the tailor will discuss the client's preferences, style, and requirements. They will also take precise measurements to ensure the perfect fit. Additionally, the tailor may provide guidance on fabric selection, suit style, and detailing options.

Fabric Selection: High-quality custom suits are made using premium fabrics sourced from reputable suppliers. The tailor should offer a wide range of fabric options, including luxury wool, cashmere, silk, and linen, among others. The fabric chosen should not only look and feel luxurious but also be durable and able to withstand regular wear.

Pattern Making and Cutting: Once the design and fabric are selected, the tailor will create a custom pattern based on the client's measurements. This pattern serves as the blueprint for cutting the fabric. Precision is key during this stage to ensure that each piece of the suit fits together perfectly.

Construction and Tailoring: Skilled craftsmanship is essential during the construction phase of the suit. The tailor will carefully stitch together the fabric pieces using traditional tailoring techniques. This may involve hand-stitching certain details, such as lapels and buttonholes, for added durability and refinement. Attention to detail is paramount to ensure that seams are straight, stitching is even, and the overall construction is of the highest quality.

Fittings and Adjustments: After the initial construction, the client will attend one or more fittings to assess the fit of the suit. During these fittings, the tailor will make any necessary adjustments to ensure a flawless fit. This may involve taking in or letting out certain areas, adjusting the length of sleeves or trousers, and fine-tuning other details to achieve the desired look and comfort.

Finishing Touches: Once the fit is perfected, the suit undergoes final finishing touches. This may include pressing to ensure crisp lines and smooth seams, as well as adding any additional details such as buttons, linings, and personalized monograms.

Quality Assurance: Before the suit is delivered to the client, the tailor will conduct a thorough quality inspection to ensure that every aspect meets their high standards of craftsmanship. This includes checking for any loose threads, uneven stitching, or other imperfections that may detract from the overall quality of the garment.

By adhering to these principles of craftsmanship and attention to detail, custom tailors can create bespoke suits that not only fit impeccably but also exude sophistication, elegance, and enduring quality.


Personalized Consultation: A custom tailor should provide a personalized consultation where they take the time to understand the client's style preferences, lifestyle, and any specific requirements they may have for their suit. This ensures that the final garment reflects the client's individuality and meets their expectations.

Expert Advice: Tailors should offer expert advice on various aspects of suit-making, including fabric selection, suit style, design details, and fit. Clients may rely on their tailor's expertise to guide them in making informed decisions that align with their preferences and needs.

Accurate Measurements: Precise measurements are fundamental to the creation of a well-fitted custom suit. Tailors should employ advanced measuring techniques to capture the client's unique body shape and dimensions accurately. This ensures that the final garment fits perfectly and flatters the client's physique.

Quality Materials: Custom tailors should use high-quality materials sourced from reputable suppliers. Clients expect premium fabrics that not only look and feel luxurious but also offer durability and comfort. Tailors should provide a wide range of fabric options to suit different tastes and occasions.

Craftsmanship and Attention to Detail: Tailors should demonstrate exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail throughout the suit-making process. This includes precise pattern-making, meticulous cutting, expert stitching, and fine finishing touches. Every aspect of the suit should reflect the tailor's dedication to quality and excellence.

Fitting Sessions and Alterations: Tailors should offer multiple fitting sessions to ensure that the suit fits perfectly and meets the client's expectations. During these sessions, any necessary alterations should be made promptly to achieve the desired fit and silhouette. Tailors should be responsive to feedback and willing to make adjustments until the client is fully satisfied.

Customer Service and Aftercare: Providing excellent customer service is essential for building long-term relationships and fostering trust. Tailors should be attentive, responsive, and communicative throughout the entire process, addressing any concerns or inquiries promptly. Additionally, offering aftercare services such as garment care instructions and alteration services further enhances the client's experience and satisfaction.

By offering comprehensive support throughout the suit-making process, custom tailors can ensure that clients receive a tailored suit that not only meets but exceeds their expectations in terms of quality, fit, and style.

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